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PPC Renewables is actively involved in the development of all RES technologies in Greece.

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PPC Renewables annual production in 2022:
485.968 MWh

PPCR 2022 CO2 reduction:
446.297 tn

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PPCR has 38 wind farms, 18 small hydroelectric power plants, 35 photovoltaic power plants, and 1 hybrid project, reaching almost 700MW installed capacity, which secures a leading presence, in the RES market in Greece.

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Our Company

Energy production from renewables sources
PPC Renewables installed and put into production 485.968 MWh in 2022.
Carbon Dioxide Reduction (CO2)
PPC Renewables has helped to reduce 446.297 tn of CO2 emissions in 2022.
Current projects and installed capacity
The company currently has more than 700MW installed capacity in 38 wind farms, 18 small hydroelectric, 35 photovoltaic plants and 1 hybrid energy system.

One with the future

PPC Renewables is transforming. With a new brand logo, a new philosophy, and a new attitude, we keep the best parts of our long history, while adapting to the rapidly changing environment. Today, we plan the future.

PPC Group

We are committed to environmental protection as a basic pillar on the way to achieving a sustainable growth model.
Sustainable Development
We are committed to continuously strive to improve the financial, environmental and social value we create.
Human Resources
In a constantly changing business environment that requires innovation and specialization, our people are at the heart of all our actions and our most valuable driver of change.

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